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Have a Heart, Rehome a Staffie

Staffies have been in our homes for over 100 years. Over the years they haven't changed, but the way society treats them has.

There's something very special about Staffies - have you noticed? Can you guess?

They have a heart-shaped face! Have a look at Kenny, perfectly demonstrating this.


And their face shape describes their character. Staffies are just chock full of love! They are one of the most affectionate breeds of dogs you will meet, and want nothing more than to spend time with people. They make fantastic pets and are wonderful companions. Have a look at a few facts about these spectacular dogs:

  • The average lifespan for a Staffie is 12-14 years but they can live up to around 18 years old!
  • They are one of the only dog breeds recommended by the Kennel Club to have with children
  • They are a particularly loyal breed
  • In days gone by Staffies were actually known as the 'Nanny dog' due to their affinity with children
  • Despite their funny and affectionate personalities, Staffies are the most common breed entering rescue centres due to abuse by humans
Staffies account for 80% of the dogs in rescue centres today, many as a result of neglect, abuse and abandonment. In a loving, responsible home they make wonderful pets as they deserve so much better than so many of them receive at the moment. 
To see some of our amazing Staffies (and other dogs!) have a look at our dogs for adoption page. 

Here are some quotes from adopters of our Staffies and Staffie crosses:

"Dizzy (previously Darcy) is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever known. However, she is seriously addicted to teddybears and we have taken to raiding the local charity shops for more!"

"We adopted Rosie from Derby RSPCA at the start of June 2013. She is such a happy loving girl who likes her walks and cuddles. Rosie gets so excited when the children come home from school. I would love families who normally won't consider a staffy to give them a chance. They are super friendly and great with children."

"Our fabulous Ozzie dog was overlooked for 6 months as he was a staffy cross, we have had him since January 2013 and he has been the best thing we have ever done! He even lets my 5 year old dress him up as a superhero side kick! Beautiful dogs with a very loving nature."

"Jaxson (Rafiki) has settled in fine! He's a proper mummies boy; he's going to puppy classes as well & he loves them! We now let him off the lead when we walk him and he's ever so good. We're so proud of him. The only little thing we need to master is for him to stop waking up at 5:40 but it's not too bad as he pops in my bed for cuddles, little monkey."

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