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National Microchipping Month

Jun 02, 2014

Firstly, if you're concerned about the microchipping procedure, please read our microchipping page here. Hopefully it will put your mind ease!

History of National Microchipping Month

National Microchipping Month was founded by PetLog, the UK's largest lost and found database for microchipped pets, in 2004 and runs annually throughout June. It has two purposes:

- Raise awareness about the importance of microchipping

- Ensure owners understand the importance of keeping their details up to date on the microchipping database

Raising Awareness

rsz_lucky_cat.jpgRaising awareness about the importance of microchipping is something that we try to do year-round, but National Microchipping Month offers a great platform to help us out.

Every year we receive hundreds of cats – the vast majority of whom are not micro-chipped. This year alone up until May we received 166 cats and kittens into the Centre. Many of these cats have most likely either always been strays, or have been abandoned or cruelly-treated. However, there are also those cats which appear to be well-looked after and, at some point or another, were well loved. Unfortunately, without a microchip it is impossible for us to track down their owners and so we have no other option than to rehome them.

Stray dogs are the responsibility of the local authorities and so all stray dogs, unless kept by the person who found them, will make their way to the dog wardens. If they are not microchipped they are kept there for 7 days and, if unclaimed, they are moved to other centres to be rehomed.

Keeping your details up to date

Even if an animal is chipped, if the details on the microchip are out of the date then that chip is pointless. Every time your phone number changes, or you move address, it is essential that you contact your microchip provider and change your details.

Microchips do not work like GPS locators. Each chip has a unique ID number, which is registered on a database along with the owner’s details. If an animal is picked up and scanned the ID number can be tracked down on this database and the rescue centre/veterinary surgery/dog wardens can then contact the owner and arrange a reunion. However, if those details are incorrect, again there is no easy way to reunite you with your animal.

What are we doing this month?

As well as spreading the word about microchipping, throughout National Microchip Month we are offering £2.50 microchipping for dogs and cats. Give us a call on 01332 344620 or pop into our Centre to buy a voucher and book your animal in. It's a short procedure that will give you peace of mind and allow the best possible chance for your animal to find its way home.  

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