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Why staffies make great family pets

Jun 25, 2014

The Staffordshire bull terrier has received a lot of bad press over the years and is still pictured by many as an intimidating status dog. This reputation is really undeserved as they are naturally very loyal and affectionate dogs.

Though they have often historically been trained for dog fights because of their strong muscular build, their temperaments are not naturally aggressive. However, we often find many staffies come into Derby RSPCA in search of a new home due to them being over-bred and abandoned. Due to their unfair reputation as status symbols, many find it difficult to be rehomed as people don’t see them as family pets. Added to this is the fact that staffies really enjoy being around people so don’t deal well with the kennel environment.

Why adopt a staffie from Derby RSPCA

Staffies can make great family pets. Thousands of families in the UK choose to adopt staffies for their calm natures and their pack mentality, often extending to the rest of the family so they can actually be really protective of children. In fact, Staffies are specifically recommended by the Kennel Club as suitable dogs for children. 

rsz_988621_684778831539405_781036590_n.jpgWe have rehomed many Staffies as family pets. This is what the adopter of Rosie, pictured, has to say about her: "We adopted Rosie from Derby RSPCA at the start of June 2013. She is such a happy, loving girl who likes her walks and cuddles. Rosie gets so excited when the children come home from school. I would love families who normally won't consider a staffie to give them a chance. They are super friendly and great with children."

We have to say that every dog is a product of its upbringing and so in the wrong hands, like any other animal or dog breed, they can become aggressive, but this is by no means the rule.

We estimate that 7 out of 10 dogs through the Derby RSPCA doors are staffies, or staffie crosses. Unfortunately staffies are the most likely dog breed to be mistreated or abandoned. What they need at the end of that is to quickly find a loving home, not to spend the next few weeks or months in a kennel being constantly overlooked. They are thoroughly vetted and checked like all others before they can be rehomed so we ensure they are fully ready for rehoming before we let them go.

So don’t let the unjust reputation put you off the breed as a whole. Staffies are full of personality and incredibly loyal, making them a great pet and we have many just waiting to find a forever home here at Derby RSPCA. Have a look at our Staffie page!

Please ask the Centre for more information on adopting a staffie or go to this page to see the staffies we have in the centre at the moment.

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Leanne Manchester

Communications & Volunteer Manager

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