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A Little Bit of Hope and Faith

Jul 30, 2014

In May a member of the public came to the Centre with two cardboard boxes he had found left on the park. He had a shock when he opened these boxes, as he found two female cats and seven kittens, three of which were only around three days old and four of which were around three weeks old. 

Thankfully for these cats, a kind gentleman found them in time and brought them to us. But who knows what may have happened if they hadn't been found when they were. They were defenseless and left all alone, by the person who was supposed to take care of them. 

rsz_img_20140507_134917 (1).jpgAfter their ordeal, we felt these female cats needed special names and so we called them Hope and Faith. After spending a few days with us, to ensure they were healthy and happy, we sent this pair to a foster home to raise their kittens. In the few days they were with us, we witnessed something very special with them. They were happily sharing their kittens, allowing one to rest whilst the other fed all seven. They didn't discriminate based on which kittens they had given birth to. All the kittens cuddled up together and it was really lovely to see how harmonious the little family were. Along with all this, Hope and Faith really loved one another and more often than not we'd find them wrapped around one another, with the kittens curled up between them. 

They thrived in their foster home, and their fosterer told us just how friendly and affectionate they were in a home. They were patient and caring mothers, but enjoyed time apart from their kittens as they began to grow. We quickly found homes for the older kittens and soon it was just the three youngest left. Now they have all returned to the Centre! 

Hope and Faith deserve a home where they never have to fear abandonment again. They need to stay together as they are so attached to one another and enjoy nothing more than curling up together in a basket and grooming one another. Two cats may seem like a handful, but they are actually often easier to care for than one cat as they entertain each other. There's also nothing quite as nice as watching two cats curl up together. Pairs of cats are so rewarding (have a look at our blog post on this point). Can you give them the home they deserve? They would suit most homes as they are such loving cats.

Come down to our Centre to meet them, or enquire about them via their page here.





Leanne Manchester

Communications & Volunteer Manager

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