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Six Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pair Of Cats

Jul 13, 2014

Ever heard the expression 'The more the merrier'? It applies to a lot of things, but cats are definitely up at the top of the list! We get a lot of bonded pairs of cats entering the centre together and we do everything we can to ensure they leave together too, but it's not an easy job. Pairs of cats are much harder to rehome as most people are only looking to take on one pet, but there are actually a number of benefits to keeping two kitties as opposed to one, so take a look and see why two cats really are better than one.


They settle into their new home faster

A friendly face can make a big difference in new and scary situations, and cats are no different. Cats can become very stressed when they go to their new home as it is a big change for them and they take a while to adjust to new routines and spaces. However, a pair of cats will settle into their home faster than many single cats as they have a friend there to keep them company - they stick together and look to each other for comfort and understanding. This means they gain confidence much faster and are less likely to become upset and stressed.

There are health benefits for the animals

With reduced stress levels comes better health: bonded cats kept in pairs are less likely to suffer from stress related health problems such as anorexia, overgrooming, weightloss, digestive problems and sleep issues. A pair of cats will look out for one another and take care of each other so these problems are not as common for them. Please note that keeping non-bonded cats together can increase stress levels due to 'overcrowing' in territory so consider this before adopting any pets, and look for an existing pair if you would like two cats.

Their behaviour is better

As hard as you try, you can never be around for your pets 24 hours a day, and a bored or lonely cat can become a destructive cat. Bad behaviour such a messing out of the tray, shredding furniture and excessive meowing can all be reduced or even prevented entirely by keeping a bonded pair. The cats are always there for each other so they can play or nap together, which eliminates the need for attention seeking and destructive behaviour.

They are less likely to stray

Leading on from the previous point, another behaviour problem that can be reduced is straying. We get many stray cats at the centre, and it is very hard to get them back to their owners if they are not microchipped, but a cat that is kept in a pair is less likely to stray. This is because they have less need to leave the house to entertain themselves, and an extra incentive to return if they do decide to go exploring. This makes straying a much smaller problem, which is a huge relief for many pet owners.

A pair of cats is more fun to watch

With a pair of cats you get the best of both worlds: you can play with both of them, or you can leave them to it and see just how adorable they can be! There's nothing cuter than seeing a pair of kitties snuggled up napping together in the sun, or playfighting in the garden, or being genuinely caring towards each other when they think you're not looking. The photo opportunities are endless...

You'd be helping more cats

Bonded pairs are much harder to rehome than single cats, as many people only want one pet, or they only like one cat of the pair. This means they stay in our centre much longer with little to no interest for no reason other than wanting to stick with their brother, sister or best friend. Taking on a pair of cats also frees up a pod for more cats to enter the centre, as demand for space is incredibly high in our little rehoming shelter and we want to help as many animals as we can. Some of these kitties have been through some really tough times together and have always stuck by each other's side - making their bond even stronger. It would help them to stay together somewhere they can be showered in love and affection. 

If these points have got you interested in adopting a pair of cats, we have many looking for homes: Dexter and Roxy, Helena and Hayden, Leah and Lavender, Josie and Darla, Phoebe and Paige, Toby and Hope, Honey and Mabs, Cersei and Lysa, and Faith and Hope are all still waiting for somebody to love; double the cats, double the love!

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