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5 Reasons Why A Rescue Dog Will Be Your Best Friend

Aug 15, 2014

Everybody knows that a dog is man's best friend, but there are some reasons why rescue dogs make extra special friends!

They're grateful

Sometimes rescue dogs have come from very difficult backgrounds, other times they have been well loved but for some reason or another have ended up in kennels. They all have one thing in common - they desperately want a new home. Regardless of their background, they're all searching for their second chance at happiness. Although they are well cared for whilst they are staying with us, kennels are no substitute for a home. They give so much love to their owners in return for a chance at a new life!

They're rewarding

It's true that some rescue dogs may take a lot of work, but this just makes them all the more rewarding later down the line.

It's always so heart-warming for us to see dogs that are nervous slowly come out of their shell. It just brings home to us why we're here and there's no better feeling than seeing a dog we have had to spend a lot of time working with, go to a loving new home. The benefits continue to the adopter, when they spend time building their adopted dog's confidence.

A prime example of this is Mikey (left). Mikey was an American Bulldog who came into us from a difficult background. He was terrified of dogs, bags, doors and pretty much everything in between. Finding the right home for him was proving to be a real task as he didn't easily trust people and he was so sad in the kennels that it was hard for the public to see his potential.

He was spotted by Lucy and Chris, who had previously owned big dogs. They came in to see him and we explained his background and that he needed time. Over the next few weeks Lucy and Chris visited him several times a week to spend time with him and allow him to grow in confidence around them. From day one he connected with them - it was obviously meant to be!

rsz_mikey.jpgWhen he was finally ready to go home with them in June 2013 he was confident and happy spending time with them. In May of this year they sent us this message:  "Mikey is doing really well and can now sit, stay, give paw and even high five and play fetch. His confidence has come on leaps and bounds. We have recently relocated to Devon and Mikey absolutely loves all the beaches there are to explore, he loves diving into the sea and chasing waves. He's a social butterfly now and spends time with other family members' dogs frequently with no problems, he just wants to make friends and play. He is such a character and everybody who meets him loves him instantly. He has overcome so much and allowed us to show him love despite how he has been treated by humans in his past. Couldn't imagine our lives without him now, thank you for keeping him safe until we found him."

Feel-good factor

There's a real feel-good factor associated with adopting a rescue dog - you know that you're making a real difference, and not just to the life of that dog. You're also making a difference to the lives of dogs waiting to come into our Centre. Every dog that is adopted makes space for another one in desperate need of our help. By adopting one dog you are securing the future for another! 

Social responsibility

By adopting a dog from your local rescue centre you will be assisting your local charity and your local community. You will also be helping to rid the streets of back-street breeding by taking away their custom. Although there are responsible, registered breeders out there, there are also many irresponsible, back-street breeders who over-breed their bitches and sell often unhealthy puppies; when you're looking for a puppy it can be difficult to know which breeder is disreputable. They are in large part to blame for the over-population of animals in rescue centres. Buying puppies from them increases demand and begins the cycle all over again. Help to reduce this demand by coming to a rescue centre instead.

Alongside this you will be promoting healthy dogs by adopting a rescue dog as all our dogs are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and flea and worm treated. 

Your perfect match

By adopting a rescue dog you can make sure you find your perfect match! The staff spend all day with the dogs at the Centre, so we know their temperaments, their likes and dislikes and what kind of home is likely to be the best for them. By coming and chatting to us we can advise you on which dog would be most suited to you. It's important to make the right choice when taking on an animal as it's a such a big commitment, particularly with a dog. It can be so tempting to go for the cute puppies but realistically a puppy may not be the right choice for your lifestyle. We can advise you on that and help you make the right choice!

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog, come down to see us and have a chat. You can see a selection of the dogs we have at the Centre on this page and enquire for more information if you wish.


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