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Black Cat Blues

Aug 04, 2014

In 2013, Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre rehabilitated and rehomed a whopping 339 cats. Whilst most of these will have stayed in the centre for a couple of weeks and found their forever homes relatively quickly, one type of cat has been consistently left behind...the black cats.

Black cats have always been notoriously hard to rehome, and what makes this so frustrating is that it's such a trivial reason to pass a cat by. Every cat has it's own personality and the colour of their fur doesn't impact on their ability to love unconditionally and be a great pet. Black cats are overlooked as many people are superstitious and believe they will bring bad luck, whereas others simply think they are boring and gravitate straight to the tabbies, tortoiseshells and gingers as these are more striking to look at. It's the same story when it comes to kittens - black kittens are always left behind whilst their more colourful siblings are adopted and taken home for no other reason than their fur. 

We want to spread the word about just how great black cats are! They are gorgeous, loving, friendly cats - and they will love you even more for giving them a chance when most people wouldn't. Next time you are considering adopting one, please take a minute to think about the difference you could make by taking home a black cat. Many of these have been waiting for homes for months and would jump at the opportunity to be your pet, so why not give them a chance to let their personality shine rather than their coat? You never know, it could be your lucky day!

If you would like to offer a home to a black cat, we have many waiting in our centre. Here are some examples of the wonderful cats still waiting for a family...

- Polly is a lovely elderly lady looking for a retirement home

- Shere Khan and Bagheera are two little kittens looking for a home together

- Seymore is a friendly young man who likes to play

Could you give a black cat some good luck?


Tags: cat, black, superstition
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