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Evan Almighty

Aug 10, 2014

rsz_evan (1).jpgEvan arrived at Derby RSPCA on the 12th of April 2014. He was brought into the centre in the back of an RSPCA Inspector's van, in a wire cat carrier with an injured paw, looking for a new beginning. Sadly it's now August and he's still searching for that special person!

There are three reasons that Evan has struggled to find a home: he's black and white, he's an adult and he is selective about who he likes to spend time with.

Black and white cats are almost as hard to rehome as black cats - they are consistently left behind and forgotten about simply because they aren't as colourful as the tabbies, tortoiseshells and ginger cats around them. The colour of their fur does not affect their personality and black and white cats are just as loving, affectionate and in need of a home, as their more striking friends. Evan has a thick, shiny coat and loves to have his head stroked and ears rubbed. He keeps himself clean and is a stunning boy, all smart in black and white like he's wearing a suit!

During the summer, many pregnant mothers and kittens arrive at the centre for kitten season and the adult cats are often forgotten as people pass them by to look at the babies. This is understandable as some people are only looking to adopt a kitten, and of course they all need homes too, but it can be very frustrating for the adult cats to be snubbed in favour of kittens for months on end. Evan is six years old so you know that he is already litter trained and not likely to destroy your curtains the way a younger cat would. Also, his personality is very much already established so you know exactly what you're taking on whereas there's no telling how a kitten will grow up to behave.

Evan knows exactly what he is looking for in a person - somebody he can live side by side with but who respects his boundaries. Just like any other cat Evan enjoys fuss, but he prefers this on his own terms. He is not keen on being picked up and babied, and prefers to make the first move himself rather than for you to go to him. This puts people off but Evan would make a wonderful pet for anyone looking for a confident, independent and outgoing cat. He has such a big personality and would make a great friend for anybody willing to give him a chance!

If you think you could offer Evan the home he is so desperately looking for, you can see more details about him here or contact us via email, telephone or at the centre.

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