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Marvellous Mums

Sep 15, 2014

rsz_12.jpgEvery summer when we reach kitten season, the centre ends up full to the brim of kittens and who doesn't love a cute baby cat? Sadly, however, as everybody coos over the little bundles of fluff and they gradually get rehomed, somebody else gets left behind - the mums! Mum cats make great pets for a number of reasons and we want to show you all just how wonderful they are.

Mum cats are the best to have around children. They've just spent 8 weeks raising a group of three to five kittens, who are constantly tearing around, climbing on things and pouncing on her - a child won't phase her whatsoever! Cat mums are incredibly patient with kids as they understand to be gentle and friendly to them rather than to react badly if their tail gets pulled or they're covered in something sticky. Also, adult cats are often better around children than kittens, as they are less likely to get their claws out as a reaction to something scaring them - and kitten scratches really hurt!

Also, mum cats are simply wanting to settle down. After weeks of looking after a litter of mini-mes they are ready to find a home where they can be pampered and simply just rest and relax. These ladies work so hard to carry their kittens, give birth to them and then raise them into healthy and happy young cats - now they need somebody to care for them for a change! This means very little likelihood of them wandering off for long periods of time, and (as they are already neutered as part of the adoption process) they won't come back with an unwanted litter of kittens in the future. They're content to become ladies of leisure around the home.

As well as this, mummy cats are far less likely to be adopted than their kittens so they appreciate the attention that they receive that bit more. They are overlooked for such a long time, and as their babies are rehomed, they get less and less attention from prospective adopters. Remember, many of these girls are no older than a year and are barely out of kittenhood themselves! They would love you that bit more for giving them a chance when everybody else only had eyes for their kittens.

If you think you could offer a home to a mummy cat, look no further! We have lots of lovely ladies looking for homes that would jump at the chance to become your pet...

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