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The Mews: 13th to 19th October

Oct 20, 2014

Miaowy Greetings! Welcome to the weekly Mews!


Lola the dog was brought into the Centre after being wounded and abandoned. Read more about her story here. Lola is a real celebrity now, like me she has featured on the news. Hopefully she'll soon get a home!

5 kittens have arrived in need of hand-rearing - they will all be cared for by staff and volunteers until they are old enough to be adopted. They've already got tonnes of puuurrrsonality! Well, they are cats after all! It's sad that we're still seeing young kittens in October. When will it end??

Halloween Spooktacular on Sunday 19th was a success! Lots of people visited the Centre, reserved animals and bought some of the lovely pet shop goods. I dropped in for a visit and it was going puurfectly!

4 other kittens arrived at the Centre, unfortunately with cat flu! They will have to stay in the isolation unit until they are fully recovered. Cat flu often afflicts unvaccinated cats and can be very severe, particularly in kittens. Luckily these 4 seem strong.


9 adoptions, including Simba. Simba was brought into us as a 3 week old kitten. He was hand-reared and given lots of purrsonal TLC until he was old enough to be adopted. Good luck Simba!



18 cats (wow!) and 2 dogs arrived at the Centre this week. They've all settled in just fine and the staff are getting to know their characters at the moment.

I do find it very sad to see just how many animals need the Centre here on Abbey Street, it's one of the reasons I wanted to come and read the news to help support my local Branch. For every animal that is adopted so many more are waiting to come in.


Basil, the dog who has been in kennels for most of his life, was reserved. Every animal deserves a loving home so everybody is so pleased for him. Crossing paws that it works out for him!

DJ the crossbreed (even I like DJ - he doesn't try to chase cats!) met the dogs owned by the couple interested in him and got on very well so he will have a new home to go to. He's 12 so he needs luxury at his age, not a kennel.

This is Felix Purrington signing off!

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Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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