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The Mews: 20th to 26th October

Oct 27, 2014

Miaowy Greetings!

This is Felix Purrington signing in to bring you the mews from the last week

Feature story

This week is a little different - I want to talk about an area that the staff have been publicising recently and that is animals being dumped like rubbish. Recently a cat arrived at the Centre after his owners moved away and left him behind. This sort of thing really frustrates me, and the staff at the Centre. When you take on the care of an animal, you are responsible for providing that care for the rest of the animal's life. Sadly some people don't think pet ownership works like that and it makes me fur-ious! 


Marie the kitten came to us via a veterinary centre. She was found wandering with cat flu. She must have belonged to somebody at some point as she is very friendly! Luckily she's in the right place now and the staff will look after her until she's well again. It's so good seeing feline friends getting the help they need.

DJ, the old gent who everybody at the Centre (even me!) loved, went to his new home. His new owners are getting the paw-fect pooch to join their family.


17 adoptions this week, including Tilly & Taz, a pair of cats who have been at the Centre for quite a while. The staff said they're going to miss having those guys around but they're so happy for them!


Only a few animals arrived this week because spaces had been filled the previous week! But all of them are now nice and settled, ready to find their new homes. They include Fabian the cockatiel (i'm not really allowed to spend any time around him because i'm a cat and he looks good enough to eat to me ;-) )


Both the husky puppies at the Centre were reserved at the weekend. They started off life in a miserable situation but their future is looking much brighter!

Tabby, the cat with rather a lot of purrrrsonality has found somebody who wants to take him home! Poor lad, he's been here for a long time as he doesn't always know when to behave around humans. I learnt to refine my skills a long time ago and I always act in a way that befits a gentleman, but Tabby lets his mischievous side get the better of him. A lady who LOVES that side of him came specifically to see him and wants to take him home. Great news!

That's all from me for today folks. Remember - animals are not rubbish!

This is Felix Purrington signing off

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Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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