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The Mews from 6th to the 12th October

Oct 13, 2014

Miaowy Greetings Folks!

Here is my very furrst news report from Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre. And what a week it has been!


There have been 21 adoptions this week, including Bella the Lhasa Apso. Bella was very shy and scared when she arrived, she hated being alone and only trusted one staff member. The staff knew she needed an extra special home, which she has now found. Her devoted new owner is at home all day which suits her perfectly.

Cersei, Lysa and Evan the cats all went to a new home together. Cersei and Lysa arrived together when they were pregnant and they raised their kittens together (they're jolly nice cats those two!). Evan (who looks a little like me actually!) was the longest stay cat at the Centre. He could be a bit temperamental with people but loved other cats so quickly became friends with Cersei and Lysa. The family who adopted Cersei and Lysa decided to take Evan on as well. It's always great when long-stay animals find a new home!


8 cats, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits and 2 rats arrived at the Centre last week. This included Elmo the three month old kitten who was found wandering around a brickyard, covered in fleas and with quite a paw-ly bottom as well. Happy to report he is now much better, his fleas have all gone and he is now ready to look for a new home. Thank you to the kind members of public who found him and brought him in. This story just highlights the importance of neutering. There are so many unwanted, abandoned and stray kittens. Elmo was just one of the lucky ones.


Dash, a new lurcher who arrived, is actually deaf so the staff will spend plenty of time with him finding out what he responds to. He will need an owner who understands his needs and is willing to work hard with him. The staff tell me he's got a lovely temperament, I'll take their word for it! (I don't mind some dogs but I have to admit, lurchers are not my favourites, as they tend to chase old fellows like me!)

Notable news

New branded Christmas cards and calendars arrived at the Centre. I must say, they're pretty purrfect! Snap them up whilst they're still available. This week they will also go on sale via the website so by tomorrow (Tuesday 14th) you will be able to place an order. Watch this space.

The staff began planning a Halloween Spooktacular event at the Centre - have a look here for more information!

7 kittens were reserved at the weekend - wow! They've certainly landed on their paws. 

The date for Bark in the Park 2015, the Centre's biggest fundraiser of the year, was confirmed for Sunday 19th July. It's set to be a paw-some event, as always!

The old dog at the Centre, Bruno the future celebrity, was reserved! Fingers crossed this boy can go off to a loving new home very soon.

This is Felix Purrington signing off - I'll be back Monday to tell you how this week has gone. It's looking like it will be a busy one already!

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Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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