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The cost of caring for our animals

Nov 13, 2014

We receive queries, and even sometimes complaints, from members of the public about the amount that we charge for our animals. Currently the adoption fee is £95 for an adult cat, £115 for a kitten, £160 for a pair of cats and prices start from £150 for a dog. This includes:

1. Neutering
2. Vaccinations
3. Microchipping
4. Flea & worm treatment
5. 4 weeks' free pet insurance
6. A voucher to spend in our pet shop (£20 for cats and £30 for dogs) 

If you were to receive an animal for free, it would cost you far more than the above price for all of the treatments we include, and all those treatments are essential for responsible pet ownership. I can give the perfect example of this. A few years ago I took in a cat who I found on my doorstep. I tracked down her owners who were looking to rehome her and she wasn't getting the care she needed, so I agreed to keep her. When I took her to the vets for an initial consultation, flea and worm treatment and first vaccinations, I forked out £90. This was without microchipping, neutering or any pet insurance. I then had to take her back to the vets for medication when she was struck down with a stomach problem. 

Most animals who arrive at our Centre require far more than just our standard treatments, they may be suffering from a skin condition, they may require dental treatment, or they may have been struck down by cat flu. Alongside this many dog are emotionally damaged when they  arrive with us so we also consult a behaviourist. Below is a list of just how much some of these treatments can cost us:

1. Tail amputation - £90
2. Cat flu treatment - £35-40
3. Dental - £90
4. Skin condition treatment - £30 

You also have to bear in mind that we estimate it costs us £7.50 a day to board a dog and £6.46 to board a cat, based on the cost of cleaning products, staff wages etc.

Therefore a dog who arrived with a skin condition and remains with us for just one month before being adopted is likely to have cost us close to £350.

This is why donations are so desperately needed - adoption fees do not cover our costs and the help of the public is vital for us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need.




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