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The Mews: 17th to 23rd November

Nov 24, 2014

Miaowy Greetings everybody! 

Wow it's been quite a week at the Centre. There's been a lot for the staff to cope with over the past 7 days, not least being the new arrivals...


rsz_1507166_10154851873975252_9004656434499689863_n.jpg7 newborn puppies arrived at the Centre after their mother sadly passed away. They were only hours old so have required round the clock care by the staff and volunteers. Luckily they have all survived their first week and are still very strong! We have all fingers, toes and paws crossed that they'll make it! Even I was roped in to helping last Monday (that's why my blog post was late - sorry folks!) as it was all hands on deck. Here's a link to the news article about them. They've grown so much already in a week so we're all feeling very hopeful. They are currently being fed every 2-3 hours with a special formula milk. Even I think they're pretty darn adorable.

Our Winter 2014 newsletter went to print so it will soon be ready to view via our website. Keep checking this link to download it. 


10 animals were adopted this week including Chillie the cat. When Chillie arrived she was very poorly and so had to spend several weeks in our isolation area. As she began to get better she went to stay with a staff member and it was there that her cheeky, loveable personality really shone! Now I'm past all that myself (I'm very distinguished and refined now), but there is something rather heart-warming about seeing young whippersnappers like Chillie racing around. When she came back to the Centre for adoption she was quickly snapped up and has settled straight in with her new owners. It's what it's all about folks. 


This week we had a lot of arrivals at the Centre. 3 guinea pigs, 15 cats and 10 dogs (including the puppies) came through our doors. Now luckily we have a good network of fosterers who are currently giving some of those animals plenty of TLC in the comfort of their own homes. You can imagine what a mammoth effort it is trying to find space for those animals at a small Animal Centre like this one. 

That's your quick news bulletin for this week, and this is Sir Felix Purrington signing off!

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Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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