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The Mews: 8th to 14th December

Dec 15, 2014

Miaowy Greetings folks!


The Derby Street Collection, one of the Centre's annual fundraisers, was held on Saturday and raised over £500! Thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time and all the members of the public who donated their cash, especially this close to Christmas. The animals really appreciate it. 

The Centre has smashed their rehoming record! Last year was the best year yet for rehoming, with 683 animals going to new homes. So far this year the staff have rehomed 704 animals. This is excellent news, as it means more people than ever are adopting, but it's also quite sad news, as it means that more animals than ever are finding themselves in the position of having to look for a new home. 


18 animals arrived on site last week, including 12 cats! Despite the fact that kitten season should be over now, there are still young kittens brought through the doors here.


There were 15 adoptions this week! Many people ask the staff here if they stop adopting animals out over Christmas. The Centre has published a blog post on the problems with buying animals as presents (we are NOT gifts!) but if responsible members of the public wish to adopt at this time of the year as it is the best time for them, and they have thoroughly considered pet ownership, there's no reason why they can't!

One animal who went to her new home last week was Gwen the dog. We all remember when Gwen arrived at the Centre - she hadn't had the best of starts and the staff wanted to find her a home where she would get all the love she deserved. Her new owner saw the Christmas photo of Gwen published to Facebook (even I think that picture is adorable!) and decided to come down to see her. It was love at first sight and they tell us that after just a couple of days in her new home she has already settled in marvellously!

Well this is Sir Felix Purrington signing off until next week!

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Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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