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One Animal Care Assistant and Her Dog

Dec 16, 2014

Whenever I am talking to a member of public about the animals at the Centre, the one question I get asked the most is “Don’t you just want to take them all home?!” Of course my reply is always yes. I wish I could give all these amazing animals a loving home. As you can probably imagine, working as an Animal Care Assistant it is really easy to connect and develop strong bonds with the animals. I was told by my parents that I was not allowed to bring anything home. Well…one day that changed and I ended up adopting a puppy.

rsz_110872470_886017454744686_750238344_n.jpgOn one very hot day in July 2013, a box of six Staffy cross puppies arrived at our Centre via an Inspector. The Inspector found them abandoned in a cardboard box on a local park; they were extremely skinny and were covered in their own mess. We immediately got to work and bathed them all, then decided to name them Thor, Winchester, Penny, Lenny, Matilda and Sammy (3 boys and 3 girls). While I was bathing Sammy I immediately had a soft spot for her. She was being hilariously grumpy while being bathed and kept making the strangest noises! I was holding her in a big towel to dry her and she carried on snorting and grunting in my arms.

Once they were bathed we put them in their kennel and gave them plenty of food and water. Safe to say it didn’t last long! Sammy was the biggest in the litter and over the next few days she ate and ate and didn’t stop! I can remember one day when I was helping to clean out their kennel, Sammy came over to me wagging her tail non-stop. I picked her up and something just clicked. It was then that I knew that she was mine. I instantly fell in love with my little girl.

I managed to persuade my parents to agree to come and see her and they fell forrsz_10850374_886017471411351_1077828338_n.jpg her straight away too. She had so much personality and character! The next step was to arrange for our dog Milo to come and meet her. Safe to say he wasn’t too impressed at first and wouldn’t go near her but he was never aggressive towards her which was a good sign. After I finished my shift at work one day I took her home and she was officially mine. She settled in after two minutes of being there and slept on my bed with me that night. It took a couple of weeks and a few growls before Milo finally accepted her but now they are the best of friends and are inseparable. It was hard work but so worth it. Introducing a new dog to the home can be tough but with perseverance and caution it can be done.

Now over a year later, Sammy is a year old and has definitely grown! We never expected her to be this huge. But she is a giant teddy bear who is very well looked after and extremely loved. She is my best friend and I cannot imagine life without her. It’s definitely true when they say animals choose their owners and you just know when they’re the one for you. 


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