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An RSPCA Christmas Tale

Dec 29, 2014

Christmas is a time when people indulge their pets in all sorts of extravagant presents, pet stores have aisles of weird and wonderful present ideas for all types of animals. But where do animals in shelters fit in to that? Many of our animals find homes before Christmas and due to the season of kindness people want to give a less fortunate animal a home around this time of year, but the ones at the shelter get a great day too.

Rosie the American Bulldog tells her story about her first Christmas at the RSPCA
rsz_10301421_1561636210744453_8458042891612905135_n.jpg"I've been here since October and life here is enjoyable (although not as wonderful as a loving home would be!), a kind lady in uniform took me from my home because my owners forgot to take me with them when they moved. I've been on so many meals here to bulk me up and I was especially looking forward to my Christmas dinner! At first Christmas was like any other day and I was disappointed Santa didn't visit my kennel, it was the same cleaning routine as every other morning. But I had chicken in my breakfast and I was happy with that, then one of my humans came and got me out; I thought I was just going to the yard as usual for my regular play time, but we took a detour into reception where I saw Santa had been! I was so excited I looked through all the bags until I found my three favourite things, a tug toy, some rawhide shoes and a pretty red collar. My human fit the collar on me and we took the treats and toy to the yard! I had so much fun playing with my toy it was brand new so nobody else's slobber was on it! Then we carried my shoe treats back to my kennel and my human fit me with a brand new coat to keep me warm in the breeze. I felt so spoiled and loved, my family here really care about me and do the best they can. I got chicken again for lunch and dinner, boy I could get used to this. I wish it was Christmas every day!" 

On Christmas day dedicated staff members give up time with their own family to spend time with their second family, our animals! Thanks to all of our kind donations all of the animals this year receives treats and toys just like a spoiled pet would. It is because of the public generosity that our animals get to spend the day playing with their new toys with tummy full of chicken. Thank you! 

   rsz_1photo_10 (1).jpg                             rsz_tabatha_toys.jpg 


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