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The Mews: 12th to 18th January

Jan 19, 2015

Miaowy Greetings everybody! It's been furrreezing the past few days - I don't know about you but I'm already looking forward to a bit of sun in the summer. Myself and Mrs Purrington will probably be off enjoying ourselves, we're looking at holiday destinations at the moment! Anyway - on to the Mews.


Some of you may have heard about Missie the pregnant Jack Russell over the past few weeks. Well, yesterday she finally decided the time was right and gave birth to five babies. The staff were only expecting four, so she must have been hiding the extra one somewhere! They're all doing very well so far and it sounds as though Missie is a great mum. I had a bit of a peek from afar (I do love little ones) but she's being kept quiet and sheltered so she can raise her babies in peace. I'm sure she'll be happy for distractions in a few weeks though when the puppies are moving around!

This year's events are coming along nicely. Victoria, the Income Generation Manager, tells me that quite a few dates have been put in the diary. Watch this space! They should be paw-sitively great. We will need lots of help with these events - the Centre is independently-funded so has to raise all the money to stay open - so if you'd like to join the staff and current volunteers, please get in touch with the Centre.


6 cats and 5 dogs went to their furrever homes this week. That includes Harry the puppy - the little guy looked very happy with his new family. Harry's brothers and sisters have all been reserved, apart from Alfie who is still looking for his new family.


12 cats, 4 dogs and 3 rabbits arrived this week. Some of them aren't in the best of conditions - for example there are two cats who are missing quite a lot of fur, poor chaps - but they'll soon be on the road to recovery. 

Looking ahead

The next stage of the site refurbishment will begin shortly. It's a very exciting time for the Centre and staff will be giving out more information closer to the time. Lots of improvements will be made, all to the benefit of the animals who stay here. I'm so pleased to be associated with the Branch at a time like this!

Well this is me, Felix Purrington, signing off - until next week!

Mews Reporter final.jpg


Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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