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The Mews: 19th to 25th January

Jan 26, 2015

Miaowy Greetings everybody!

Welcome to the weekly Mews! Folks, this week has been outstanding because it has put us on track on rehome over 50 animals this month. What a purrrrfect January it has been!


4 cats and 2 dogs arrived at the Centre this week. After their vet check and assessments (the staff have to see which home they would be most suitable for) they will be ready to find their new homes.


7 cats and 9 dogs were rehomed this past week - that's paw-sitively paw-some! This included Wincy the kitten. Wincy came to the Centre as a tiny week old kitten; she was sent to a foster home and named Winston (woops - sometimes it can be tricky to know which us cats are boys are girls when they're that young!). The name was swiftly changed to Wincy when it was discovered she was a girl, much to her happiness. She found a home with her foster sister, Winnie, who was a few weeks older than her. They're well settled and happy with their adopters so the future is now bright for this little one.

Now, on a serious note, very regularly animals arrive at the Centre that we can't give too much information on for legal reasons as the courts are involved. However, it is important for all you out there to know that these cases do exist, even if the staff can't talk about them whilst they're happening. If you haven't read the blog post on the issue, please make a point of it.

Thank you all for catching up on the weekly Mews - i'll be sending more next Monday. 

For now this is me, Sir Felix Purrington, signing off!

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Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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