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The Mews: 5th to 11th January

Jan 12, 2015

Miaowy Greetings!

I hope everybody has had a purrfect start to 2015 and that the January blues are holding off. As always it's been busy busy busy here at the Centre. Now that Christmas is over everybody has been getting back to normal. 


Last week a puppy called Ruby as brought into the Centre. She had a deformed front leg, which she'd had from birth and she required an amputation. I felt very sorry for the poor girl, having to go through that at such a young age is really ruff. But she is a very happy dog despite it all! You can read about her here. She's recovering well from her amputation and looking forward to what the future holds. She's already a media superstar, having tackled the Radio and press last week - I feel a prodigy coming along!

       rsz_cmbp-2501 (1).jpg


5 cats, 2 dogs and 1 rabbit went to their new homes last week. That included Archie the Jack Russell cross who was very underweight when he arrived. The staff worked hard to help him put on weight and now his future looks very bright.


Last week was a very busy week for new animals coming into the Centre. 2 cats, 7 dogs, 7 puppies and 1 rabbit arrived over the last 7 days. That's a big number!! 6 of the 7 puppies are already reserved however so we're confident they'll soon be flying back out. A couple of the new dogs have come from an a-paw-ling background so staff will spend plenty of time with them making them feel loved and settled.

That's all for now folks - this is Felix Purrington signing off until next week!

Mews Reporter final.jpg


Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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