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New Year, New Hope

Jan 02, 2015

New Year, New Hope!

There are some animals here at the centre that are known amongst the staff as our ‘long stay’ animals and that is because they just haven’t been lucky enough to find their perfect home yet and this has resulted in them staying in our care for quite some time. Due to the fact that they have been at the centre for a while, the staff have gotten to know them and their individual personalities inside out and so this blog post is a special dedication to these wonderful animals who are hoping that the New Year will bring them a loving new home!


  rsz_rosie_4 (1).jpg 


Rosie is a female 5 year old American Bulldog who came into our centre after being abandoned by her previous owners who simply left her in a room when they moved away. Rosie was scared and alone for 2 weeks and so as you can imagine she was very underweight and disheartened when she came in to our centre. However Rosie has now been at the shelter for 2 months and the change in her is simply astounding! This beautiful girl has put on lots of weight and shown that she has a true heart of gold! Despite what she has been through, she has a wonderful temperament and loves nothing more than showing you how much she loves you! Rosie will make a loving and loyal companion for the right family who ideally we would like to have owned big breeds before and have no children under the age of 15. Rosie does need some further training although we have discovered in the time that she has been here that she is a very quick learner and is eager to please and so feel that her new owners will have plenty of fun teaching her a wonderful range of tricks and obedience! Rosie will have to be the only pet in the household as she doesn’t like other animals and will benefit from having lots of affection and attention after what seems to have been a difficult past! Could you be the ones to give Rosie her second chance?



Scooch is a 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who came into our centre when her owner could no longer care for her. Scooch loved her family very much and so has found this change quite stressful and upsetting and so she sometimes cries in her kennel which has resulted in most people passing her by. This is such a shame because Scooch is a diamond! She is very sweet natured and simply wants to be with people which is why we would like to find her a home where she won’t be alone very much at all. She is a favourite amongst our dog walkers as once she is away from her kennel she really lets her personality shine and she particularly loves to roll on the park (even whilst wearing her best jacket!) Scooch could live with children as she has done in the past however she would be best suited to being the only pet in the home as she isn’t sure about cats and some dogs! Scooch will make such a special addition to most families and would just love to be given the chance to prove it!



Aurora is a lovely 1 year old cat who is a particularly special case as she has been in our care for 4 months now and has had not one but two litters of kittens! This sweet little girl originally came into the centre with a litter of three week old kittens (who all got rehomed quickly) however poor Aurora didn’t have much interest at all. We were amazed to see that as the days went by her belly began to get bigger and bigger and so after double checking with the vet we discovered that she had already gotten pregnant again before she came to us! This is a case of history repeating itself as the second litter of kittens have now nearly all found their forever homes but poor Aurora is still looking. Being a mommy cat she has lots of patience and lots of affection to give and so would make a purrfect lap cat for that special family who takes her home! Could it be yours?


These are but a few of the lovely animals we have here at the shelter still searching for that special place to call home and so if you are interested in rehoming any  of our animals, please enquire for further details and information.  We hope this year will be as successful as the last in creating perfect family matches!


Tags: new, home
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