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5 Reasons Cats are Pretty Awesome

Feb 06, 2015

There's about a million and one reasons why we love cats, but we couldn't possibly fit all of those in one post - so here's 5 of them:

1. They can rock just about anything

2. You have to earn their trust and respect, which makes you feel pretty special when they give it to you


This is Zoe - she had spent her two years of life living in a crate when she was rescued by an Inspector. This is one of the first times she accepted the staff stroking her. A special moment.

3. They're great at imitating other animals


Here's Lily doing her best 'Otter' impression

4. You'll always have a nap buddy


 5. A cat's purr is one of the most comforting sounds in the world


When you're feeling a bit down in the dumps, there's nothing quite like hearing your cat purr to help relax you. Although cats seems to use this to their advantage too! 

What are your favourite things about your pet cat? 


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Leanne Manchester

Communications & Volunteer Manager

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