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The Mews: 26th January to 1st February

Feb 02, 2015

Miaowy Greetings everybody!

Brrr it's been fuurrreeezing this week. I hope you've been helping to keep your pets warm; I can't lie to you, I've been lying in front of the fire most evenings.


This week unfortunately I have some sad news to share. Some of the staff informed the public about the birth of Missie's 5 puppies two weeks ago. Sadly there were some problems with the litter, and with Missie, and unfortunately none of the puppies have survived. It's a tough time and it's never an easy thing for anybody at the Centre but the staff have been concentrated on getting the lovely Missie back to ship-shape condition. She will soon be ready for a new home, where she can put her past behind her.

I always like to share good news but the nature of the business means there are always sad stories as well.


On to happier news. 13 animals were adopted this week and that took the grand total adopted in January up to 60. Wow! This included Heidi the puppy. Heidi was one of a litter of Collie cross Beagle puppies. She will have a bright future now with her new owner!


16 animals arrived at the Centre this week. Some of these poor un-fur-tunate mites were stray cats without a home. The first thing the staff do at the Centre is scan the animals that arrive for microchips. Please everybody, microchip your pets - then if they get lost they'll find their way back to you. The Branch loves spreading the word about Responsible Pet Ownership because, in the end, that keeps animals in happy homes. If you do need advice, or if you would like to have your animal microchipped, do contact the Centre.

Thank you for catching up on the Mews.

Until next week, this is Sir Felix, signing off.

Mews Reporter final.jpg


Sir Felix Purrington


Mews Reporter

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