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Volunteering at Events

Feb 08, 2015


What I do at Events

Whenever I've volunteered at events for the RSPCA, it's always been a great and rewarding feeling. There are a wide range of events to get involved with, from Bark in the Park, their dog show which is lots of fun for the whole family, to the street collections in Derby. Some of the jobs that I do include setting up stalls for events, selling merchandise, talking to the public and clearing up after the event has finished. There are never two events that are the same, so what I do always changes from event to event and this makes events that little bit more interesting. As a volunteer at these events it’s our job to make the event supporters' experience really special, whether it be with a smile and an ear, to listen to all the great stories that people have to tell us about their pets or by giving animal advice at a community animal action event. 

Why I Help at Events 

There are so many reasons why I volunteer, the main one is to give something back and there is no better charity to do that for than the RSPCA, giving a voice to the voiceless. From my time being a volunteer I have learnt a lot about myself, as I have discovered hidden talents that have changed my views on my self worth. It has also given me knowledge of local resources available to help charities and the community work well with each other, especially because the RSPCA is a self-funding charity. Another reason why I volunteer is that it brings people together, as I have met so many people from diverse backgrounds and we all come together for one common goal. I feel part of a team because everyone is there for the same reason. The RSPCA being a self-funded charity means that it can't spend money on wages, so volunteering saves valuable resources for the RSPCA that goes directly back into helping the animals at the centre, which is a rewarding thing to know. Being a Volunteer for the RSPCA at events doesn't just help the charity, but it also helps me as I'm gaining professional experience for my future in Events Management. 

Every person counts in making a difference to the animals lives at the RSPCA. I help whenever I can and you could too.


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