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Gloria: Golden Girl

Mar 05, 2015

Every once in a while, a cat arrives at the centre and for some reason just sticks. Gloria is one of these cats.

Gloria arrived at the centre after a trip to the vets when she was found with an abscess on her leg. She settled in instantly and was happy to oblige whenever she needed some sort of treatment - she's wonderful with the vet, fine to be given flea and worm treatment, and sits at the front of her pod asking for affection. Gloria is a great little cat who just wants love! So why can she not find a home?

Sadly, older cats struggle to find a family to adopt them as more people are interested in kittens than adults. Gloria is 9 years old, so she has many years of love and happiness left to give to anybody who would give her a chance! She has a beautiful tortie coat and is a petite cat, who would be thrilled to curl up on someone's lap on a cold evening. Gloria would make a great housecat, as she isn't interested in straying far and she doesn't like the cold, so she would always be there to welcome you home after work with a cuddle and a friendly hello. 

Gloria hasn't had an amazing life, and will need some ongoing medical treatment for an allergy that affects her mouth, but please don't let this put you off. She is desperately hoping to find somewhere to settle down that she can brighten up with her sunny personality. Older cats make great pets as they have put their wandering years behind them and are simply looking for a warm spot to curl up in and a good scratch behind the ear every now and then.

Could you offer a home to our resident golden girl Gloria? You won't regret giving her a chance!


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