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10 Things You Might Not Know About Us

Apr 14, 2015

1. We are an independently-funded Centre

So what exactly does independently funded mean? Well it basically means that we have to raise all the money to remain open ourselves. Many people believe we are funded by National RSPCA, or perhaps even by the government, but the truth is that we simply fund ourselves. That's why local support is so important to us! 

2. We don't employ Inspectors

We receive many phone calls a week from concerned members of the public wanting to report cruelty. We don't actually employ Inspectors - Inspectors are employed by National RSPCA who also run the cruelty helpline. We have no Inspectors on site. 


3. It costs around £9,000 per week to run the Branch


4. Our Animal Centre has been based on Abbey Street since 1940 - and we've been a Branch since 1872


5. As well as dogs and cats we also rehome a variety of small animals and birds

rsz_noodle_and_sprout (1).jpg

6. We don't have a vet onsite

We use a local vets for all veterinary care of our animals - we don't employ a vet ourselves. In the summer months particularly a lot of injured birds are brought into us but we are unable to help as we cannot give veterinary treatment. It is far better to take any injured wildlife directly to a vet to allow them to receive treatment as quickly as possible.

7. We have three charity shops


8. Our main intake of animals has to be from the Inspectorate

Although we don't employ the Inspectors, our purpose is to support them and take in the animals they rescue from cruelty, abandonment and neglect. We get tens of calls every week from the public requesting to bring their animals in for adoption. Where possible we will help however we are only a small inner city Branch and as such we have limitations. 


9. We have a pet shop on site

We sell everything your pet needs, from toys, to crates and bedding, to harnesses and leads. Come and take a look! If you adopt a dog or a cat from us you also receive a voucher to spend in the shop. 


10. Last year we rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 730 animals

And we're pretty darn delighted about that!



Leanne Manchester

Communications & Volunteer Manager

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