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10 Ways Dogs Enrich Your Life

Apr 01, 2015

1. They always listen to your problems

If you have a bad day at work, or are in the middle of a personal crisis, dogs never fail to lend a supportive ear.


2. They give the best cuddles

Furry cuddles are the best cuddles. Fact.


3. They motivate you to get some exercise

It can be difficult, especially when it's cold and miserable, to motivate yourself to go out for a walk. But then you see your dog staring at you with a hopeful expression on their face...


4. Dogs don't let you down

There's a lot of things in life that don't work out as you expect, but there's one thing that's always constant and that's the love of your dog. Dogs don't let you down. They're always there for you.


5. They reduce stress

Several studies have proven that dog ownership can help to reduce the effects of stress on the body. So owning a dog is good for your mental and physical well being! Take a look at information on one of these studies.

6. They help improve your social life

It can be difficult sometimes to meet new people, but that's not usually the case when you've got a dog! Any dog owner or dog walker will tell you that they're natural magnets for others. It's a great way to make new friends and dog walking is such a social activity.


7. You always have a warm welcome home

8. Great teachers to children

If you've grown up with a dog then you'll know how much children can learn from them. They learn compassion, love, friendship and, most of all, how to have fun! Shown here are a few of our dogs rehomed with their new young best friends.

rsz_timon.jpg  rsz_ozzy.jpg  rsz_foxie.jpg

9. They always make you smile

Dogs are always doing funny things, whether it's getting themselves into a bit of a pickle, or, like Izzy here, showing how excited they are by running around at full speed!

10. And above all, dogs love you unconditionally


If the time is right for you to add a dog to your family, why not have a look at our dogs for adoption?


Leanne Manchester

Communications & Volunteer Manager

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