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Are you Ready to Give an Animal a Forever Home?

Apr 07, 2015

Everyone deserves to be treated with care, love and attention and that is definitely no exception when it comes to animals.

There are many different species of animals that are abandoned and are sometimes left to fend for themselves on the streets. In some cases, the owners themselves approach rescue centres because they cannot cope with the responsibility of looking after an animal. It is then the job of centres, like the RSPCA in Derby to find them a forever home.

It is important that these animals find their forever home because although they are being correctly cared for at the centre, it isn’t where they are meant to be. Every pet needs a loving home where they can feel safe and wanted. These animals didn’t choose the life they have now and they surely do not deserve it. 

It's great news when a member of the public decides they would like to adopt an animal. It means they could change that animal’s life for good and give it the best home possible. However, this always has to be done for the right reasons, and at the right time for the adopters as well as the animal.

Many people think that looking after an animal, like a dog or a cat, is easy work and doesn’t take much effort, but it does. It also costs a lot of money to maintain a pet for what can sometimes be 15-20 years. Everyone knows that having baby is such a life changing experience, and it's the same when you take on the responsibility of a pet. 

There are many members of staff and volunteers at the centre who give the animals the best quality of life possible until they are adopted into their forever home. When the staff see an animal leave the centre that means they have done the work they set out to do. Some animals are adopted almost as soon as they arrive, whereas others can sadly take longer. These animals may have had difficult lives in the past and they can sometimes find it really difficult to trust people so new owners need to be patient with their new pet. 

If there is anyone wanting to adopt an animal from the centre, then the RSPCA staff will be happy to assist to ensure that the animal and owner are suited to each other perfectly. Always make sure that it's the right time for you and your family, and that you're ready for the commitment and responsibility of a new pet. If you do feel the time is right, always consider adopting. Rescue animals are loving, loyal and wonderful pets and, let's face it, rescue is the best breed!



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