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What's in a name?

Apr 09, 2015

Sometimes you might visit our Centre, or our website, see an animal and just think 'where on earth did they get that name from??' We've got lots of examples of this, from a cat called Bumble Muffin to a dog called Kevin, we have all sorts of names here. 

The fact is so many animals come through our doors that, quite frankly, we run out of names! We really don't want to call every other dog 'Max' and it gets very confusing on our computer system if we have too many animals with the same name. So, quite often, the staff have to be inventive. 

At one point we had 20 cats arrive from one house - it can be tough to think of that many names on the spot. So we named them after staff members! I have to say, 'Leanne' was definitely the most friendly of all the cats. We also had a large arrival of bunnies who inherited Lord of the Rings names - Arwen was particularly lovely. Other corkers include the litters of kittens named after Hogwarts professors (McGonagall was one of those memorable names!) and the Lion King puppies. Mufasa is certainly a strong name for a puppy, that's for sure.

If anybody has any ideas for names, feel free to share them - we'd be grateful of the help - but at least now you won't be confused if you see a cat named Panda.

                              Arwen                                                                                McGonagall

rsz_arwen_2.jpg  rsz_mcgonagall.jpg



Leanne Manchester

Communications & Volunteer Manager

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