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Happy Birthday Bean!

May 01, 2015

On the 1st of May 2014, a tiny bundle arrived at our rehoming centre wrapped in a towel and fighting for his life. Bean's mother was pregnant when she was killed by dogs, and he was the only kitten to survive the brutal attack so I was determined to do anything I could to help. I took Bean home that night (expecting the worst) and today he turned one year old! This is a look back at the first year of his life and the amazing journey that he and I have been on together.

bean 1.jpg

Bean at a few hours old - he was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand

bean 2.jpg

We immediately warmed Bean up with a hot water bottle and fed him formula milk 

bean 3.jpg

Bean at around a week old - at this age he was growing and developing rapidly

bean 4.jpg

At 5 weeks old he was a bit of a heartbreaker!

bean 5.jpg

He was cheeky and playful at 2 months old

bean 6.jpg

6 months old and still finding odd places to sit...

bean 7.jpg

Bean's first Christmas! Here he is with his brother Orpheus.

bean 8.jpg

Bean chose some bizarre sleeping positions at 9 months

bean 9.jpg

Finally starting to look like a fully grown cat!

bean 10.jpg

Playing with his birthday present - catnip bubbles!

bean 11.jpg

Posing with another of his birthday presents

bean 12.jpg

Happy 1st birthday Bean! I'm very happy we could share our hand rearing journey and pleased to say that Bean has definitely found his happy ending after a terrible start.

You can read a detailed account of our hand rearing story here and if you are interested in volunteering to foster orphaned and abandoned kittens you can find details here.

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