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5 Reasons Why Black Cats Are Wonderful

Jun 06, 2015

This is Lily, re-homed from the RSPCA in Derby five years ago after she was found on the streets, homeless, pregnant and under-nourished.  Despite the awful start she had in life, she is now the most loving, beautiful and happy little lady you could find!


Black cats have a style all of their own.  Although they have no fancy markings, their sleek fur looks rich and shiny, especially when lying in the sunshine.  They look elegant and sleek in their uniform fur coats.

Their eyes appear large and appealing against their black faces, and how they use them to tug at your heartstrings!  Facial expressions are not usually apparent in cats, but a black cat's eyes speak a language all of their own!

Black cats are often quirky with exceptional temperaments, as if they are made for owners who are looking for character in their pets as well as an appealing appearance.

In many countries people believe that if you are kind to a black cat you will have good fortune.  There are many old sayings which suggest people believed they had mystical powers, and that they would keep you safe from harm, or make you lucky in love!

Whether or not you believe in luck,  I feel very fortunate to have found Lily.  She was just another black cat at the shelter, but something about her just pulled me in and she and I now have a really close bond.  Always look again when you pass by black cats at the Shelter or you may be missing out.

The best reason to re-home a black cat is that they are statistically the least likely to be adopted, and cats like Lily deserve to live a full and happy life as much as any other. Since we adopted her Lily has changed from a shy young cat, who once thought the only comfortable bed was a newspaper on the floor, to the most affectionate companion I could wish for who is never happier than when she is in my arms.

Take a look at the cats we currently have for re-homing -  black, white or multi-coloured, they are all looking for their new forever home!



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