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Terrific Torties

Jul 06, 2015

You will have heard a million times that black cats are the hardest to rehome simply due to their coat colour. Well now we are finding that tortie cats are struggling! We have many stunning tortoiseshell kitties looking for homes, and we are surprised they are being consistently overlooked as they are beautiful both inside and out.

Tortie cats are usually a mix of lots of different patches of black, ginger, red, cream, grey and brown that combine to create a beautiful patchwork coat. They have such a warm and pretty look about them, and their autumn colours are so eye-catching! Due to the unique colours and patterns, no two tortie cats look the same - they are certainly amongst the most glamorous of the kitty bunch.


Another special fact about tortoiseshell cats is that they are almost exclusively female. The colour is passed on through the genes from female cats to their daughters, meaning that any male with a tortoiseshell will not be able to reproduce. Males born with tortie coats are incredibly rare, and usually found in around 1 in 3,000 cats! Tortie cats definitely go by the girl power mantra.

Tortie females are often playfully nicknamed 'naughty torties' by their owners as they are known to have a bit of cattitude! They are very cheeky and outgoing cats, always getting into mischief and keeping their owners on their toes. However, they have a loyal fan base and many people will regale you with stories of their torties and say they are the most loving and loyal pets out there.


Obviously we would never advise people to adopt a cat simply based on their coat colour, but our beautiful torties girls have had a bit of a rough deal of it lately and we'd love to see them find a home. If you would like to see the cats we have for adoption, you can take a look at our rehoming page.

(The torties currently looking for a forever home are Juliet, Sugar, Alison, Eve and Maple. All of these are long stay cats, who have been consistently overlooked for no reason!).


Tags: cats
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