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A Day in the Life of Biscuit the RSPCA Dog

Aug 08, 2015

Biscuit has been looking for a home with us since February as his previous owner sadly passed away. He's a sweet medium sized dog who would make a wonderfully loyal pet, and we are all hoping he will be adopted soon! We caught up with Biscuit and asked him to describe a typical day in the life of an RSPCA Dog.


‘My day begins early morning, whilst it is so warm the staff here leave my hatch door open overnight so I have the choice of whether to sleep indoors or out, I like to sleep in my basket so that the sunshine doesn’t wake me up too early! The other dogs, usually the newcomers, tend to wake me up as they find it hard to adjust and bark and whine as day breaks. Not like me, I’ve been here a long time now; I find I am quite used to the daily routines around here, not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I wait until I hear one of the staff members unlock the door and then I bark and wag with all my might because I am just so happy to see them! They always stop and say hello to me and so a good morning kiss from me is always on the cards.’


The view from my kennel

‘The next part of my day is my daily kennel clean – firstly the staff shut me in my outdoor run so they can clean my bed area and then after breakfast they swap me into my back so that they can clean my exercise area, it’s a tiring process because I always seem to want to be on the side I’m not! If I’m lucky one of our lovely volunteers will come and take me out on a nice long walk in a morning, this is one of my favourite parts of the day as it is so nice to feel like I am in a real home! I love sniffing all the exciting new smells, meeting lots of new people and sometimes even a dog or two. Plus the volunteers always make a fuss of me, they give me treats and cuddles and I’ve even made friends with a local shop owner who always lets me have a drink of water! She always says that if she was in the right position to own a dog, she would take me in a heartbeat – isn’t that nice?’


Out for a walk!

‘After lunch it is time for the public to have a look around and even though I have been here so long, I always find it very exciting. I wait patiently, listening for them to come closer to my kennel – I hear them talking to the other dogs and my tail immediately starts to wag- sometimes I don’t think I control it at all and I often let out an excited bark because who knows – this could be my new family approaching! I always make sure to greet everybody, never missing an opportunity to try and steal their hearts. Sometimes they give me a tasty treat which I enjoy, they sometimes stop and fuss my side through the bars and I always remember to give them a thank you kiss before they leave- Manners cost nothing – my friends here at the shelter taught me that! It does make me sad when they move away from my kennel but I know there will be somebody else along shortly. This continues throughout the afternoon, I like it when we are busy because there are more people to meet.’

‘I always get to play out in the yard sometime in the afternoon which I love because it means spending time with one of the staff members! We play ball, I do my tricks, I sometimes play tug rope and very occasionally, if I am really warm I slip into the bath tub when nobody is watching!’


I love playing tug in the yard.

‘I have my dinner later in the afternoon and by that time there is usually less people looking round so I can take my time and enjoy it. Most days something very exciting happens…one of my doggy friends here at the shelter goes to a new home! We always know it is happening, I hear the staff get the dog out from further up my block, sometimes I bark goodbye sometimes I am a little too sad as I so wish it was me going into a new family, it is worse when it is a dog who has come into the shelter after me as I wonder why I haven’t been chosen yet. I don’t dwell on that though because I know I have to be at my best for the next day when a whole new wave of people will come through our doors looking for that perfect new addition to their family. Maybe tomorrow will be my turn?’


There goes another lucky dog :(

If you would be interested in adopting Biscuit, you can take a look at his profile here

Tags: dogs
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