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A Day In The Life Of Anastasia The RSPCA Cat

Oct 04, 2015

Anastasia is a female cat, who has been searching for a home for quite a while now! She was transferred to us from another RSPCA centre as they had struggled to rehome her and thought a change of scenery might benefit her. Anastasia gave us a break down of a typical day for her living in the cattery at RSPCA Derby whilst she waits for somebody to adopt her.


'I usually begin the day with a nice stretch before I climb out of my nice comfy bed to see which of the staff members will be working in my cattery this morning. I'm in a place called the Old Cattery, and there are 12 cat pods in here so it's quite a bit of work for whoever is cleaning us out in the morning! My pod is on the top row and I like it because I get to watch what's going on. The animal care assistants start by cleaning out our pods, so I wait my turn and when they get to my pod I rush forward so I can have lots of fuss and love! They usually oblige and we have a nice few minutes before cleaning starts, and I have a look around the room to see what's changed since yesterday.'


'Once all of the cleaning is finished, we know it's time for breakfast. We all start meowing loudly to let the staff know just how hungry we are and that it's urgent that we're fed as soon as possible. Sometimes it seems to speed them up, other times it feels like forever that I'm waiting for that bowl to be put in my pod! After breakfast I have a nice wash and have a nap. If we're lucky we get to play with some lovely volunteers, who get us all out one at a time for some fun. We get so many toys, it's great! My favourite is the stick toy with stars on, because it's pretty like me.'


'In the afternoons I look out for people viewing the cats, in the hope I can catch somebody's eye. I like to sit on top of my carrier bed to get the best view of everybody walking past, and I also think it makes me stand out. I'm desperate to find a home, so I always make sure I'm ready to socialise if anybody wants to meet me. Sadly not many people have actually asked to say hello, which makes me sad but I carry on and hope for better luck the next day. The staff also spend time with me in the afternoon, which I appreciate me. They brush my fur, making me look beautiful and ready to meet potential adopters! I also get some treats and a nice scratch behind the ear, so that's nice.'


'At the end of the day we get our dinner. I prefer breakfast but dinner isn't so bad - a bowl of biscuits (in the morning we get meat, which is far superior but beggars can't be choosers I guess). I like to savour my biscuits and make them last, so I'll eat half of my bowl and save the rest for a midnight snack. Besides, I need to make sure I'm still looking clean and tidy for any latecomers looking around because I need to make a good impression! So I'll wash my face again, and maybe have a nap.'


'Sometimes I see the other cats going to their new homes. I'm always so pleased to see they've found a family, but it's miserable when it hits me that I've been searching for so long. I would love somewhere to snuggle up at night where I can give my adopters lots of love! Although I'm happy in the centre, I'm definitely ready to find my forever home. Hopefully it won't be long now!'


Tags: cats
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