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Help us to be there for puppies like Ruby

Nov 25, 2015

Support animals like RubyAs a fellow animal lover and Animal Care Manager at Derby RSPCA’s Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre I believe that love and affection and a secure and safe home is a right for all pets, everywhere – but sadly, for many animals in our area, they have never known the comforts and security of a loving home.

I’m never sure what to expect next when I attend work each day; the cases we see are heartbreaking. Here at your local animal rehoming centre we help on average 750 cruelly treated or neglected animals every year; and it’s all made possible by the generosity and kindness of people like you. I don’t need to tell you that every penny raised by our committed supporters goes directly towards helping defenceless animals when they need us most.

Puppies Like Ruby…

There is no better way to show you what your support achieves than to share one of our many success stories with you. Once you’ve read about the life changing difference our supporters and committed team made to Ruby, I know you’ll want to help other animals on their way to the happy life they so truly deserve.

Ruby, a Rottweiler cross puppy, came into our care at 4-months old - it was clear that life hadn’t been very kind to her.

A birth defect in her front leg meant her bone grew at an odd angle, disabling her terribly. Although Ruby was loved deeply by her owner, sadly he couldn’t provide the treatment she so desperately required. Unfortunately Ruby’s condition was so severe that the kindest option was for her to continue life on three remaining legs; and so at just 4-months old Ruby underwent an operation to amputate her deformed limb at the shoulder. We were all concerned about such a fragile little pup having such a serious operation, but we needn’t have worried. As soon as Ruby was awake she wanted to be back on her feet ready for all the love and attention she could possibly get - none of us could resist a cuddle.

An operation like Ruby’s costs around £300, one of the many unexpected, but necessary financial burdens we have here at the centre. When an animal is brought in to us, it’s often under traumatic circumstances – we’re their only life-line to a new beginning.

We cared for Ruby for 16 weeks during her recovery – and we really were with her every ‘hop’ of the way. She had to wear a buster collar to stop her picking at her stitches, but nothing could stop her enjoying her new life and she was frequently found helping out at reception, keenly looking out for even more fuss and affection.

Once the stitches were taken out and her buster collar removed, we started Ruby’s rehabilitation helping to build up her strength in her remaining front leg to give her the best possible chance of leading a semi-normal life. Ruby’s care throughout her recovery cost over £1,480.00 in kennelling, veterinary bills, food and care – but seeing Ruby full of spirit and joy was priceless. 

Luckily, Ruby found her forever home. 

Due to her deformity we were concerned that Ruby might struggle to find a new home but her infectious personality meant that Ruby’s new owners immediately fell in love with her and decided to become her forever family. We were all delighted, as I know you will be too.

Words really can’t describe how important our supporters are in enabling us to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate vulnerable animals, so please, please support us in meeting the demands of unforeseen medical costs. To give you an idea of what your money can do, here's a few of our costs. 

£20 will cover the cost of a days care for a dog like Ruby, keeping them safe with a tummy full of food.

£40 will cover the cost of a course of initial vaccinations.

£55 could contribute towards unexpected, yet necessary veterinary fees for an operation like Ruby’s which cost £300. 

£140 could cover the cost of an entire week of warmth, food and security for a puppy like Ruby.

Without the continued support from fellow animal lovers in our community, we can’t continue to alleviate suffering. Please help us to meet the demands of unforeseen medical attention that animals like Ruby so urgently need.

Sadly, cruelty and neglect doesn’t stop at Christmas. 

It just doesn’t. And through what should be a happy period, Christmas saddens us all here at the Centre as we take in and care for animals that truly deserve to be a part of a loving family. I’m extremely proud of the work the team and I do – and it makes all the difference to see pets like Ruby living life in loving homes. 

As a valued supporter, your gift is absolutely vital. While you may not be with us in person, your donations mean you’re with us in spirit this Christmas on every single feather tickle, cat cuddle, dog walk and more.

You can also donate quickly by text, Simply text PAWS45 plus the amount you wish to donate to 70070 for example: 'PAWS45 £5'. We don't have to tell you that every penny goes towards helping more animals find the loving homes they so truly deserve - thank you.

We simply cannot do our job without you – so on behalf of Ruby and all the rescued and rehomed animals at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre - Thank you. 



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