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What is Chip and Snip?

Nov 05, 2015

If you follow our social media platforms or if you've been down to the centre during the summer, you'll know that we really struggle with unwanted kittens. Hundreds of abandoned, neglected and unwanted, often sick, kittens end up in our care searching for new homes every year and it could be prevented with a simple operation: neutering. However, what you likely haven't seen are the stray cats that are lost and trying to find their way back home but we can't help because they aren't microchipped.


Neutering and microchipping are two essential parts of responsible pet ownership, and we want to encourage as many cat owners as possible to take the step to getting these done. This is where our Chip and Snip initiative comes in! We run a low cost scheme for cat neutering and microchipping to make vet care accessible for everybody and to raise awareness of the need for both.

There are many health and behaviour benefits for your cat that come from neutering, so you would be protecting your pet as well as preventing the birth of many more unwanted kittens that would need to find new homes. Did you know that a pair of unneutered cats can produce up to 420,000 kittens in just 7 years? That's a lot of deal with!

Microchipping is essential for keeping your cat safe. Many cats like to explore and will sometimes get themselves lost or in a sticky situation where they can't get home alone. A microchip is as small as a grain of rice and is implanted between the shoulder blades, so that whenever a stray cat is found they can be scanned for a chip. If one is found, your cat can easily be returned to you. If not, the chance of them getting home is very slim.

It couldn't be easier to book your pet in for the procedure! Simply come into the centre and purchase a voucher at reception, and then make an appointment at the vet. This means that your operation and microchip implant will be paid in advance when you purchase a voucher, and it's far less than average if you were to book it yourself. The vouchers are available for anybody who wishes to buy one, and can be bought for male and female cats. To see when our latest offer is running take a look at our Vet Services page.


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