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Christmas Day 2015

Dec 27, 2015

The Christmas presents were under the tree, the Christmas dinners had been arranged and the staff had organised their Christmas jumpers - all we were waiting for was Christmas! And it was certainly worth the wait for all of the animals at Derby RSPCA who were spending the festive period in a kennel, cat pod or hutch. We took some photos of the animals on the day so you can see behind the scenes of a Christmas at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre!


The morning staff arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for an impressive 8am start (yes 8am!). It was cleaning, feeding and watering as usual for the animals to make sure they were ready for an exciting day. Here's Animal Care Assistant, Alex, taking a quick cattery selfie with Liono before the hard work began.

Food before.jpg

Food after.jpg

Once the cleaning was finished, it was time to get cracking on the Christmas Dinner. We bought chicken for the cats and dogs, and a selection of vegetables for the rabbits and small animals. This means we had to strip 5 cooked chickens for the dogs, chop up lots of tasty greens for the rabbits and get the portion sizes sorted of the shredded chicken for the cats. It was quite a task! These are some 'before and after' shots of the dinner being prepared.



Then of course it was time for the staff to hand out the Christmas Dinners! We think everybody looks happy with their tasty lunch, and there was even some spare for Boxing Day.




After lunch, everybody had a quick nap (except the Animal Care Assistants of course - they had a cup of tea and then got on with the rest of the work, there's never a quiet minute!) to let their food settle down in preparation for the second phase of the day. That's right, present opening time! We've had some amazing toys for all of the cats, dogs, rabbits and small animals this year and they were absolutely thrilled. We don't think the photos do justice to the sheer excitement and happiness the animals were demonstrating.

Diesel collage.jpg


In the afternoon there was time for a few more treats - because if you can't overindulge at Christmas, when can you?!


And in the evening everybody snuggled up with their new toys and blankets and slept soundly with wonderful memories of a great day. 

Thank you so much to everybody who helped to make this Christmas extra special for the rescue animals in our care - we couldn't have done any of it without your support! We hope you had a brilliant day, and we've enjoyed reading your messages and seeing photos of your pets enjoying Christmas. Now to get ready for 2016...

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