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How Can You Help a Rescue Animal at Christmas?

Dec 09, 2015

In December, many people celebrate Christmas and see it as a time for sharing and helping those less fortunate than themselves. It's also a time for family and pets are no different, but some very special animals will be seeing in Christmas Day from a kennel or cat pod.

The animals unlucky enough to find themselves in a rescue centre are relying on us to give them a wonderful day. For some of them, this will be a happy time as they're safer better cared-for here than in their previous situations - a happy Christmas Day full of toys and treats will be unheard of for them! However, we can't do it without you. Your support all through the year enables us to carry on rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals from Derby - allowing us to turn their lives around and give them a happy ending. 

If you would like to donate a gift to an animal, we have a Christmas tree set up in reception where you can leave a small present for a dog, cat, rabbit or small animal. On Christmas Day our animal care staff unwrap the gifts and hand them out to all of the rescue animals still waiting for their homes - toys, blankets and treats are brilliant little presents that can make all the difference to a homeless animal on Christmas Day and we take photos of them enjoying their new trinkets so you can see how happy they are! 


We don't condone animals as presents, but you could consider sponsoring a kennel or cat pod as a gift for an animal lover in your life. A one-off donation of as little as £5.00 could buy a Buster collar for dogs or cats recovering from operations. Or you could help make our dream of building a cat maternity unit a reality to help accommodate the hundreds of kittens and pregnant mums we care for every summer. There are so many ways that your donations can help - take a look at our Donation Page to see the various options.

Whilst doing your Christmas shopping, you could raise funds for us with no extra effort and no cost to yourself. That's right, you can raise donations for free! If that's not an incentive to get that shopping done (or maybe to get yourself a little reward for all your hard work this year) then we don't know what is. We put together a simple guide to online shopping fundraising to explain how you can get involved and what websites you can use to help support us.

Maybe a pre-Christmas clear out is in order before all of your anticipated new presents are opened? Your donations help to keep our charity shops running and all of the funds raised go straight back to the animal centre to allow us to care for the animals. We have three charity shops with lovely staff who would be happy to help if you decide to pop in!


You can also get involved with the National RSPCA Christmas campaign to help end puppy farming in the UK as part of an urgent campaign to help prevent overbred mothers and their poor puppies from suffering. They currently have a petition set up to tighten laws on breeding and selling dogs, and a page dedicated to donations to help end intensive puppy farming.

And once all of the festivities are over and your home isn't quite so hectic anymore, why not think about adopting a new pet? If you are in a position to take on a rescue animal and have thought about the time, money and energy you need to make sure you can keep a pet happy and healthy, take a look at our rehoming pages and you might just find your new best friend. Many animals are purchased as gifts during the Christmas season and promptly abandoned just weeks later when their owners realise how much work they are, so you can offer a home to an unwanted pet and give them a happy ending so they don't end up spending their next Christmas in a rescue centre!

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