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What is World Spay Day?

Feb 17, 2016

You may have heard that the next phase in our centre development is a maternity unit for cats and kittens, as we are expecting kitten season to begin any week now. With hundreds of pregnant cats and kittens arriving at the centre every year, we see some awful cases of neglect and abandonment due to unwanted litters. It's understandable that people cannot cope when their pet has babies, as kittens and puppies are a lot of work, but the simplest way to prevent this problem from occurring is neutering! 

bean 3.jpg

What is neutering?

Neutering is the blanket term for the removal of reproductive organs - also known as spaying for females, and castrating for males. It is a routine operation that doesn't take long, and most animals recover incredibly quickly. It is most commonly performed on dogs, cats and rabbits, but can be carried out on smaller animals in some cases.

Why is neutering important?

Neutering is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. It prevents any unwanted litters and reduces the number of homeless animals desperately searching for adopters across the UK. We neuter all dogs, cats and rabbits as part of their adoption fee.

Will neutering change my pet?

Neutering can actually improve your pet's behaviour, by reducing aggression in males and lessening the likelihood of pets roaming during mating season. Animals are more likely to be calm and less likely to fight, so they make more suitable family pets. It also reduces spraying in males. As well as behavioural changes, neutering has health benefits, such as preventing some cancers and eliminating complications caused by pregnancy.


World Spay Day aims to highlight the need for neutering pets, and give owners more information about this very important procedure. It also helps to neuter stray animal populations to reduce the suffering of animals living on the streets. You can find more information on their website, and take a look at our blog explaining the importance of neutering for more information. It's also worth keeping an eye on our Vet Services page for low cost neutering treatments throughout the year.

Tags: Neutering, world spay day
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