Mews Report

May 23, 2016




Welcome to this week’s Mews Report coming straight from the heart of the action, our brand new cattery which is now open! My name is Nemo and I’m reporting this week as I was one of the first residents here so can give you all the inside gossip. There were some new arrivals this week as Jessie gave birth to three little kittens, two boys and a girl I hear. Luckily the staff had already managed to find Jessie a lovely foster home so she could give birth in a nice cosy environment, this is great for her kittens as well as it means they can get all the benefits of early socialisation and handling. They are doing really well so look out for more details on their progress soon. I heard the staff talking about how many kittens we have had already this season, there are lots of hungry little mouths to feed and more could arrive any minute so if any of our lovely supporters could send in any donations for kitten food, I’m sure we would all appreciate it – those kittens can be pretty loud when they’re hungry!

  In other exciting news this week, some of our longest stay animals found loving new homes. Some of you might remember Saffy the brindle staffy crossbreed, she had been with us quite a while and she didn’t really like the kennels much, she much preferred greeting people visiting our centre in reception. She was especially lucky as the family who adopted her were only looking for a small dog but Saffy’s loving and affectionate personality shone through and now they couldn’t be happier. She went to her new home this week and they have already got in touch to tell us she is settling in really well and is already a big part of the family. Congratulations Saffy. Another rehoming success this week was two good friends of mine, Dexter and Nemo. You probably saw them if you visited the cattery, Dexter would always sit in the window of his pod waiting to say hello, and Nemo well she just loved to sleep and sunbathe in her run, she also had a great name! It took them a long time to be noticed as they were quite a quiet pair but this week they were lucky and a nice young family chose them to take home. I was so pleased for them although I wouldn’t mind getting a taste of that myself one days soon.

Like always, with animals going to new homes, it means that space becomes available for other animals in need. We have taken in new cats and new dogs this week so please do keep an eye out on our website and social media for news of their progress and when they will be available for adoption. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to come down and visit me and my friends, you never know you may find just what you are looking for as we’re a very likeable bunch, even if I do say so myself.

This is Nemo signing off for this week. 


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