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Abbey Street Rehoming Centre Shop

Jun 15, 2016

Abbey Street Rehoming Centre Shop

Those of you that follow our social media pages will have seen a few posts about our little shop that we have at the centre. Whenever someone falls in love with one of the cats or dogs, and decides they are going to just have to adopt, as part of the adoption they receive a voucher to spend in the shop. The voucher covers £20 for a cat/s adoption, and £30 for a dog. For a cat this is perfect for getting a cat carrier. Or if you have one already it could go towards a scratcher, litter tray and a few toys. For dogs it’s ideal to go towards getting a lead, collar, harness and a toy. Basically you can leave the centre, ready to go!

That said we are open not only to adopters of our animals, but the public too. A lot of people probably don’t realise this. We stock a large selection of pet products; from jingly toys to large cat trees, and from dog treats all the way up to large dog beds or crates for the car. All at very competitive prices too.


So next time Rover needs a new harness, collar or lead because he’s chewed it, or worn it out, pop down to Abbey Street Rehoming Centre. Our staff can help recommend which sizes and will help fit them too if needed. If your kitties are climbing the curtains, and you fancy treating them why not get them a fantastic cat tree (just £55, that’s not a bad price at all). We have them boxed up, or can assemble them for you to save you the hassle. Or you just pick up a new cushion perhaps, who knows?


We also stock a range of grooming products to help keep your beloved animals in tip top condition. If Fido has rolled in fox poop, we have a range of shampoos. Or if you have a long haired floofy cat (or dog), we have just the brush for you. It’s ideal for helping shed some of that heavy undercoat. (If you don’t believe us, you should see the state of some of the staff after a good grooming session with some of the animals. We don’t know who is hairier after!)

On a final note if you were to buy from us, that money means we can help more animals that need our help. That’s a win win situation surely?

Hope to see a few more of you in the near future. Take care folks.


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