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Mews Report: June

Jun 30, 2016

Hello ladies and gentleman, the name's Rick. You can call me Rick, Ricky or Rickers if you want. I've been roped in to doing this Mews Report. But a little about me first because let’s face it, I’m pretty stunning darlings. I’ve been here for a month now and quite frankly I don’t understand how. Okay, I’ve been a little shy to start with, but now my playful, affectionate nature is coming through. Give me a treat or 20 and I’m all yours. If that doesn’t find me a home, I don’t know what will.

Now, that’s enough about me, let’s talk about me. Only joking darlings. For the month of June, Abbey Street Rehoming Centre have rehomed 70 animals. 14 of those have been rabbits, rats and a bird, which is a marvelous turnout. Notable cat adoptees were Babushka (you’ll have seen her pictures, she had no ears bless her), also John and Lyla (they had been here for a little while). Lots of kittens have found new homes. That is hardly surprising really when they are as cute as they are. We have had a number of youngsters come in their place that need bottle feeding however. So there is no respite.

Of those noisy canine neighbours I waved toodles to Cooper. That rapscallion had been here over 2 months. But now he’s met the right people to tire him out. Irma, who was actually a dear old friend of mine... I can tell you now we shared some stories… but I digress. Irma was found left on a rubbish tip of all places. Quite frankly that’s unacceptable for any animal. But, she was lucky and no sooner had we said hello, she was off again.


This month we have said cheerio to some old friends that used to clean my abode. But it’s quite alright; we’ve roped in some new staff to worship me, and to do all of the other important duties of course. Good luck to those that have seeked pastures now, and the warmest of welcomes to those that have joined. I hear it's hard work, but ultimately very rewarding.

Sorry it’s only a short one today, but I’ve just seen the treats are being handed out and so must dash. Do come down and meet me, not to mention all of the other animals looking for a new home. You never know, you may fall in love with one of us.

Toodle pip,

Rick XX




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