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Rabbit Awareness Week

Jun 18, 2016

What is RAW?

Rabbit awareness week

The UK is a nation of self confessed pet lovers with recent research showing that rabbits are the 4th most popular pet of choice, It is estimated that around 8 million rabbits reside in homes across the country. (PMFA Pet population 2016 report) for this reason we need to help spread the message on good rabbit welfare and ensure we are being heard. So if you have got a pet rabbit, or thinking of buying one then stay tuned this coming week!

Every year vets, manufactures, organisations and charities unite together to spread the on all areas of rabbit health and welfare.

During rabbit awareness week hundreds of vets across the UK offer free rabbit health checks to ensure your rabbit is in tip top condition. It doesn’t matter if your pet has never been to the vet before, it's just a perfect opportunity to get them checked over by the experts.

Hundreds of retailers and centres will be running rabbit workshops and advice during the week to help spread the word about how to get the most of owning pet rabbits and by keeping them happy and healthy.

Thinking about getting a rabbit?

Wonderful rabbits make for fabulous companions, and super pets for children and adults. But first you must know what you will need for your rabbits and also what to do throughout your rabbits life in order to keep it happy and healthy.

Rabbits are very intelligent animals. They are social, interactive, inquisitive and playful. Rabbits are also very clean animals and can be trained to use a litter tray. They have their own individual characters and quirks and can live over 10 years old so its well worth investing in them as you would a dog or cat.

There are lots of myths and wrong information out there about keeping and housing rabbits but with the correct information and time rabbits are fairly easy to look after when you know how.

So in this next week, together we aim to improve the lives of the UK’s rabbits and to stop them from getting a RAW deal. For that reason this next week will feature all things rabbity, tips and hints, and you'll get to meet some of our bunnies too.


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