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Adult and Older Kitty Moos

Jul 16, 2016

Why choose an adult cat?

Here at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre, we currently have 23 adult cats looking for a new home. We have quite a number of them that have been with us for nearly 6 weeks. This is a real shame, as they are genuinely all really nice cats. It’s not their fault they aren’t 8 week old kittens dashing about the place. Even year old cats seem to stick around for weeks until finding the right home. Now, I’m not saying don’t adopt a kitten. The idea of having a cat for all but 8 weeks of its life is a very noble thing. But, don’t discredit an adult cat straight away. They have many plus points. Some cats can be just as playful as any kitten. Whilst young at a year and half, one of my cats Artemis only has to see a piece of string dangling, a cardboard box or a pom pom, and he goes into full kitten-mode! But because an adult cat will usually be snoozing in a cattery, some people just walk past to see the kittens terrorising each other.

Young kittens are full of exploring, biting things, scratching some things, and just in general learning about their environment. It can be pretty full on keeping on top of them sometimes. They also have teeth and claws, and aren’t afraid to use them (albeit in a playful manner most of the time). But, if your prepared to get the occasional scratch then no problem. They will require several small feeds per day. So if you are out for most of the day, an adult cat may be better suited as they typically only need a couple of feeds a day.

When adopting an adult cat, what you see is what you get (in most cases). So if the cat in the cattery is confident enough to come up and have a fuss, rub up against you or sit on your lap, this isn’t go change in a home. We’ll let you know if the cat has any traits or quirks or favourite toy. Most of the time, if you give them a good catnip toy they are rolling over in euphoria. Or in the case of Kestrel, she loves a scratch post. That is good, she’s less likely to use your curtains!

Some cats aren’t as confident however. Finding homes for these personalities can take even longer bless them. We spend a lot of time with these and do what we can to help them feel less stressed. The shy ones just need somewhere a quiet to settle, and usually in a week or two they’ll be out from behind your sofa showing you just how affectionate they can be. Trust me, the shy ones aren’t going to suddenly be aggressive.

Then we have the “Golden Oldies”. As soon as you tell someone a cat is 10 plus, it does put most people off. But if a cat is healthy there’s no reason it can’t live to 18-20 years. So you could have another 6, 7, 8 years with an older cat. An older cat will be settled in their ways. If someone is at work all day, and just wants a companion to come home to, the older cats will always be grateful. Not to mention they’ll sleep most of the day!

Then there are the cats that we would like to go in pairs. This will be because if they’ve arrived together and get along, it would be a shame to split them. Some cats genuinely do struggle without the company of their friend. A pair will often entertain themselves whilst you are at work. Not to mention they can help each other out when it comes to grooming, especially those hard to reach spots such as the backs of their ears. Some people say it costs a lot more to look after a pair. Well, it really doesn’t have to. Larger bags of food cost less per kilogram than a smaller bag, and so in the long run it can work out mere pence per day to feed a cat. Even basic cat insurance can cost as little as £5 a month. So a pair of cats can cost as little as £15 a month. That’s not an unreasonable amount at all.

Here are a couple of kitties in need of a home:

Kestrel (1):

She came to the centre with her litter of kittens. They’ve flown the nest, leaving poor old momma. When you ignore her age (still barely out of kittenhood herself), and her black fur, what you actually find is a truly affectionate, loving, lapcat. She likes her scratch post.

When kestrel came in she also had an air rifle pellet in her hind left leg! This is out now, and it hasn’t bothered her at all.


Millie (7):

Older and mostly black, she is really up against it! At first she appears unsure. But after a minute of fuss, she’s head butting you for more attention bless her. She would suit an adult home, or a home with teenagers. She would be a great cat to come home to after a busy day.


Sonny (10 ):

Sonny is a handsome older gent looking for a new place to call home. He is a quiet, but an affectionate fellow who likes to spend his day relaxing in his bed. He also likes to take little strolls outside to see what’s new.


All of our cats come flea, wormed and health checked by our vet. They are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. You receive 4 weeks pet insurance and a £20 voucher to use in our shop. Basically all you need to do is add food and water!

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