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Why should I vaccinate my pet?

Jul 02, 2016

Last year, it was estimated that nearly half of British households are pet owners. With approximately 58 million pets: cats, dogs and rabbits account for nearly 17 million of those. As a nation we are clearly pet lovers. It’s only right that we should want to care for our pets as best as we can, and one way to help is to get them vaccinated.

Dog vaccinations will help protect from diseases such as; canine distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, and parainfluenza. Dogs can be vaccinated from 8 weeks old.

Cat vaccinations will help protect from; Feline leukaemia virus, infectious enteritis, calicivirus, herpes. Cats can be vaccinated from 9 weeks old.

Rabbit vaccinations will help protect from; myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease.

These diseases and viruses all carry one thing in common, they are all life threating. By getting your pet vaccinated as early as possible, you can help protect them. To maintain the protection afforded by the vaccine, it is recommended your pet receive yearly boosters.

Some vets will offer schemes that allow you to pay a one-off fee, and you receive annual boosters for the duration of your pets life, and usually a vet check. So it’s best to contact your local veterinary practice to see what schemes they may offer. That one payment means you have some piece of mind when it comes to your animals’ health. It’s surely a no brainer?

All of the cats and dogs rehomed by us receive their first vaccinations, and these are recorded in a vaccination booklet so you can see exactly what your pet has been given. It is essential that these are kept up to date, so we recommend you take your pet to your veterinary centre for yearly boosters to ensure that they are always protected from disease. Always ensure you remain up to date for boosters, otherwise your pet will have to begin the course again. Many vets do send out reminders in advance to help you to remember when your pet is due.

Another reason to keep your pet vaccinations up to date is if you want to put them in a kennel or cattery whilst you are on holiday. They will require them to be up to date and to see evidence of this.

So let's do the right thing, and help our pets lead happy, healthy and long lives.




Alex Sandham

Animal Care Assistant

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