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Mews Report

Aug 14, 2016

Meow darlings. Tassia's the name, napping is the game! I've been rudely awoken to give this Mews Report for August so far. So here goes sweeties...


I've only been here a week or so now, but even then a lot has occured. First and foremost I should say a large congratulations to young Master Ralph who has now been signed over into the care of the RSPCA. He has had to wait a little while before hecould be rehomed due to his previous owners having to be prosecuted. Ralphy came to the centre in a sorry state bless him, but now he look forward to being rehomed at long last. After having a leg amputated, several broken ribs, and a fractured pelvis, if anyone could do with a fresh start, it’s that rapscallion for sure. He’s even had the local press do a few stories on him. Not bad at all.

Aside from Ralphbert, we have had a few success stories. Tyler, elder statesmen went home earlier this week. Despite his age, he could still show the pups a thing or two. He’s gone to a lovely couple whom I am sure are delightfully smitten with him. We also said cheerio to Xena. She’s a staffy cross, with a long coat. Early indications are that she is settling in splendiferously.


If you visit me, or the other cats I suppose in the near future, you’ll see the place has been tarted up a little. New flooring, and a lick of paint here and there. It certainly makes the place look a lot tidier and neater I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ll be cracking the whip whilst I’m here to ensure it stays spick and span.

A couple of pairs of friends of mine have recently found new abodes. After being here for nearly two months, Maddison and McKenzie, and Miley and Isla found forever homes. Whilst beautiful, it took them a little while as having a pair isn’t everyone’s cup of cat milk. But they are fine now. Wish them all the best won’t you my loves?

But for every animal that leaves, it seems we get ten more in their stead! Just yesterday a mother and five kittens came in. Well, there goes the neighbourhood I’ll say. Noisy ruffians! But cute.

That’s all for now, I’m going to resume my catnap.

Meow for now my dears.

Tassia xx


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