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Mews Report

Aug 21, 2016

Hellooo there ladies and gentlemen. I am your host this week, and my name is Zoe. I arrived at the centre after I had been found in a garden having given birth to my five lovely kittens. My words they are growing up fast. I have; Elmo, Ernie, Gonzo, Cookie and Oscar. They need to all fly the nest soon, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty of them soon. I am however pregnant, AGAIN! It really does just go to show the importance of responsible pet ownership and getting us neutered so that cats like me don’t go through several pregnancies in such a short space of time. There are plenty of schemes around if you need assistance with this. If not, please speak to your vet to get your beloved pets neutered. It can make such a difference dearies.


Any who, I’ve been asked to fill you in on the happenings at Abbey Street. Firstly a huge congratulations to young Daniel (or Dan as he was known to you). After nearly four months of being here, he found a home and was rehomed just yesterday bless him. It’s early days yet, but initial indications are that he is doing well so far, and loves his Jammy Dodger toy (other jam filled biscuits are available of course. I myself like a Custard Cream).

A young puppy, Zeus, also found a new home. So we can’t wait to hear how he’s doing bless him.


We’ve had several new dogs in recently, so keep your eye out for their pictures. I hear Stella, a six year old staffy female is quite the dog. She came from a home with 16 other dogs! My goodness, I can not begin to comprehend the noise! Oof not for me dearies. We have a three legged pooch in called Ralph, he’s all famous now just because he’s been in the news. Well, we now have another. Poppy is a three year old lurcher. She’s not been with us long, but she’s a lovely dog. We get along as she has lived with cats before you see. So I go and share a little cat milk with her when no one’s looking.

We have a myriad of cats looking for new homes. We have some really nice ones in that would grace many a home. I hear Misty is quite a nice cat if anyone is after a lap cat. Don’t let her 10 years of age put you off; she’s got lots of love to give around. Her teeth are all there too! There are also 13 kittens currently at the centre looking to be rehomed. I know there are plenty of you cat lovers out there, so come on down.

That’s all for now my loves, I’ve got to go and see to my unruly mob….. Gizmo, put that down… you little… must dash. Toodles.

Zoe x

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