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Mews Report

Sep 18, 2016

Hello ladies and jellybeans. We're nearly half way through the month, but we are well on our way to obliterating last months rehoming figures. Last month we had 70 adopted, we are currently on 53 already. Full steam ahead for adoptions! Maybe the good weather has helped, who knows. 

We've had a high number of kittens leaving, anda good number of adult cats leave. Which is great. But yesterday alone we had 9 cats, 8 rabbits and 4 dogs enter the centre!! So when we say we are full and can't take your animal in to be rehomed, we genuinely do mean it. The cats and rabbits aren't in the greatest of states bless them, so they'll need a little TLC. But it really goes to show that a simple neutering operation can save people from so much hassle. There are plenty of schemes and neuter vouchers on offer if you need assistance with this. Just ask, and we'll be able to tell you what schemes are on offer.

Recently we had a number Shih tzu and Shih tzu crosses enter the centre. Thankfully they were in good condition and a worst some only needed a few teeth out. One of the Shih tzu's to be rehomed was Roxxy. She had a good little party trick of begging. Endearing to some.


It's not long until our much anticipated BIG WALKIES! So mark Sunday 25th September off in your diary and get down to Shipley Park. It's going to be massive and is going to be our biggest yet. There's loads to do, new friends to make, and it's all for a great cause too. Last year, BIG Walkies raised over £100,000 and this year with the help of you and your doggie pals we hope to raise even more. You can register with or without a dog for just £10, additional pooch pals cost £5 each and you can bring up to four dogs with each registration. If you're coming along with a group of friends why not register as a team? You can invite as many people and pooches as you want and walk together!

Big Walkies 2.jpg

Well that's all for now folks. Hope to see some of you soon, take care.

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