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Adopting an older kitty!

Oct 15, 2016

Sadly, we get many older cats entering our care in their twilight years - they arrive for a number of reasons and don't tend to settle into cattery life very easily as the stress is much harder to deal with for an elderly cat than a sprightly confident young thing. These cats are also much more difficult to rehome as their age is in the double figures (any cat over 7 is classed as 'senior' but we often get cats in their teens, and even twenties) and people simply prefer smaller, 'cuter' kittens. However, these older guys and gals have so much to offer and we think they deserve a second chance.

Older cats don't cope well in the cattery - the movement, noise, stress and lack of home comforts are not what they are used to and they find it much harder to adapt as they are usually stuck in their ways by now. This means that the longer they are left looking for a home, the more stressed they will become and this can be extremely detrimental to their health as they are not as fit as they once were. We would like to break the cycle by finding homes for older cats as soon as possible; this keeps them happier and healthier, meaning they're likely to thrive in a new home and give a family many more years of happiness. Elderly cats will love you that bit more for giving them a chance when nobody else would!

As they get older, cats really settle into their personality and this makes them much easier to assess. What you see is what you get with elderly felines - they aren't going to change in the future like a kitten would so you are guaranteed to get the personality you fall in love with for the rest of that cat's life. 

Elderly cats are just looking for retirement homes, so they make incredibly easy pets! They lose their interest in hunting, so there aren't going to be any nasty surprises on the doorstep when you wake up in the morning. In fact, elderly kitties make perfect lap cats as they would much rather stay inside in the warm, with a nice lap to curl up on and a good scratch behind the ear. They make great pets for those wanting a companion as they won't want to leave your side and are very loyal. Less straying means less stress, so you and your pet will be happier.

So next time you're thinking of adopting a cat, spare a minute to think about our elderly chaps and ladies who desperately need new homes and are least likely to be adopted. Sure, they may be a little stiff or creaky but it makes them all the more loveable!

Here we have 10 year old Narla. She is in fine health, has a good appetite (although she does prefer fish and chicken). She loves a good groom and will happily come to you for a fuss. She's not too keen on other feline company though. But if it's a fusspot you want to come home to after a day at work, she could certainly be the one for you!



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