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Oct 02, 2016

Howdy, howdy folks. Hope you're all well. We've had a steady week here. Sunday 26th we had our Big Walkies event at Shipley Park. Despite a bit of a breeze, it went fantastically and without a hitch. Although Ember the collie did slip her collar, but thankfully she just wanted to play bless her. Just over a hundred people turned up, which is amazing! We hope you all had an amazing time, and thank you to all those that attended. Your donations shall go a long way to helping us care for our animals.BW.jpg


This month has been absolutely bumper. We have rehomed 118 animals in September alone! So, thank you to all those that have helped find new homes for our animals. I hope they are all behaving! We love hearing how our previous residents are doing, so please keep us updated. 


But despite over 100 animals leaving us this month, we have had over 130 animals enter the centre. Tuesday alone we had 14 cats arrive. As you can imagine, all these animals take a lot of time and care. All your donations are massively appreciated, especially kitten and cat food. But also blankets and towels. So if you are able to continue giving your support, then many thanks. 

Wednesday we had a little 7 week old puppy arrive at the centre via an inspector. He had been left in a childs backpack! Phenomenal. But at least he is in our care now, and he appears to be in good condition bless him. So keep your eyes posted for when he's available. That's all for this week. 




Alex Sandham

Animal Care Assistant

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